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About Pain Free Footwear

About Us!

Healthy movement integrated into everyday life.
Pain Free Footwear is your source for kybun shoes

in Calgary, Canada. kybun - There's nothing comfier!

Unlike any other shoe on the market, kybun shoes create an unprecedented level of comfort as you walk, and can often help you dramatically regain your mobility even if you are suffering with such conditions as: Achilles tendon problems; Back pain; Heel spurs/plantar fasciitis; Osteoarthritis or gonarthrosis of the Knee; Pain at the front of the foot; Rheumatism; and much more.

These marvelous air-cushioned sole shoes can also have a range of healthy benefits even for those who are relatively normal to begin with, or for kybun users who have gone on to recover from the injuries or surgeries they initially sought them out for. These benefits include:

  • Activating the blood flow in your legs

  • Improving posture

  • Increasing your calorie expenditure

  • Relieving strain on your joints and relaxing back muscles

  • Stimulating the soles of your feet (since the kybuns' especially soft, cushiony soles distribute pressure across a larger surface of the foot)

  • Strengthening or toning your foot, leg, and core muscles

About Pain Free Footwear
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