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The Elm Taupe model is the ideal ankle boot for autumn walks, even when the sun is not shining. The exquisite and clean shapes make this shoe an elegant dream in taupe. Thanks to the side zip, it can be put on and taken off effortlessly. Finally pain free, whatever the weather!

Elm Taupe

  • Upper: Nubuck leather
    Lining: Textiles
    Insole: Textile
    Sole: PU, Strato

    Foot sensor technology
    The kybun shoe‘s flexible, cushioned trampoline sole allows your feet to feel every detail of the ground, which stimulates the health-promoting receptors in your feet.

    Air-cushion sole
    The novel kybun sole consists of specially developed multi-component polyurethane (PU), into which many tiny air bubbles have been sealed. This elastic springy air pad enables optimal cushioning.

    Benefits and effect
    • kind to the joints, relaxes the back muscles
    • exercises the muscles in your feet, legs and trunk
    • burns off more calories
    • activates blood flow in your legs
    • stimulates receptors in your feet as they feel the floor surface

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